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September 14, 2023

Golf Club Buyback: Get Paid for Your Old Clubs

Golf Club Buyback: Get Paid for Your Old Clubs

Are your golf clubs gathering dust in the corner? If so, it's time to get paid for them with a trade-in program! Transform your unused gear into cold hard cash while helping someone else up their game. Whether you're upgrading to something new or just looking for some extra funds, a buy back program is an easy and creative way to get trade in values and part with those old clubs in your bag. Skip the hassle of trying to sell them on second-hand sites and let us give you the payout that you deserve – all that’s left to do is pocket the money and enjoy!

1. Why Should I Consider a Golf Club Selling Platform?

Declutter and Create Space: Participating in a buyback program frees up valuable space in your home while removing unused clubs. Trade-ins make it simple to make a golf club trade for cash and more importantly, room in your garage.

Make Some Extra Cash: Selling your clubs through a trade in program, like iGolf Value Guide, allows you to earn money from equipment you no longer use. The trade in values of your clubs will decrease the longer you decide to hang on to them. If you want to fund a future purchase of new clubs, golf balls, or even new apparel, a trade in process can help you get back on the golf course with style!

2. How Does a Golf Club Trade in Service Work?

Search, Condition Evaluation, and Appraisal Process: Programs like iGolf Value Guide assess the condition, brand, and model of your unwanted clubs to provide a cash value.

Submitting Your Clubs: Follow the instructions provided for secure packaging and shipping of your clubs. More on how to do that with the iGolf Value Guide in point number four!

3. Exploring Golf Club Selling Options and Comparing Offers

Research Popular Selling Platforms: Consider reputable programs like iGolf Value Guide, known in the industry for the Highest Payout Guarantee pricing, free shipping labels*, fast payments, and exceptional service.

Compare Offers: Evaluate offers from different programs to ensure you receive the best value for your clubs. Some programs will pay you in store credit and not cash. This might be a downside if you are looking to fund your next vacation.

4. How to use iGolf Value Guide to get cash for my golf clubs

iGolf Value Guide is an online service that allows customers to get cash for their unwanted golf clubs in three easy steps:

1) Value Your Trade-In: Use our evaluation tool to find out how much your golf clubs are worth. Used clubs vary in condition. Some are excellent and others with excessive wear. A company like ours needs the help of golfers like you when assessing the condition of your current clubs.

2) Ship Your Clubs: If the trade-in value is $100 or more, we will send a FREE shipping label to you so those clubs can make their way to us. A free shipping label can save you the time and money of having to purchase one on your own.

3) Get Paid!: Once your clubs are received and evaluated, we will issue payment on the preferred payment method you chose. Check, PayPal, Venmo.

Get Started Now!

Conclusion: Selling your old golf clubs through a buyback program, such as iGolf Value Guide, is a smart way to declutter, earn extra cash, and maximize the value of your equipment. Enjoy the process of turning your old clubs into something valuable and make room for new equipment purchases. Happy selling and happy golfing!

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July 21, 2023

Callaway Iron Lie Angle Color Codes

Callaway Golf Lie Angle colors are applied to the top groove (see photo below) of face nearest toe.  Note: The white paint in the lower groove of the face or scoring line is meant to aid club alignment.

Blue     =  3 degrees upright

White   =  2 degrees upright

Green   =  1 degree upright

No Color = Standard Lie

Gold    =  1 degree flat

Red     =  2 degrees flat

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